10/4—JCHI 19th Annual Scholarship Luncheon

Japanese Community Health, Inc. (JCHI) will host a fundraising luncheon on Sunday, Oct. 4,  at the Kyoto Grand Hotel in Little Tokyo.  The funds raised through this luncheon support many functions of JCHI, one of which is awarding scholarships to Japanese-English bilingual nursing students.  Our aim is to increase the number of bilingual nurses who might be able to ease the concerns of many Japanese people when they are ill, which is not being able to communicate.  This year, we are awarding two outstanding bilingual nursing students with this scholarship. The luncheon is scheduled with fun events, silent auction and raffle prizes for the products donated by supporting companies and individuals.

JCHI has been involved in the Southern California Japanese Community as a non-profit organization offering medical support.  JCHI offers free medical advise every third Sunday, presents various medical information through Japanese media, assists with medical examination of the atomic bomb survivors, provides information at various health fairs, and offers scholarships to Japanese-English bilingual nursing students. The funds raised from the luncheon are used to support the various activities that JCHI provides as stated above.  Anyone can support and get involved with JCHI by attending the luncheon, advertising in the luncheon program, donating silent auction/raffle prize items, and/or monetary donations.  We hope and would appreciate that many of you will support for JCHI’s missions. Please contact at (909)910 – 3910.