10/8 — 12/2 Unsustainable Creatures III

Oct. 8—Dec. 2 In Unsustainable Creatures III, installation artist Cynthia Minet repurposes and recycles plastic objects and containers culled from discount and hardware stores, and rescued from dumpsters to construct her sculptures of domesticated animals. Lit from within by optical fibers and LED lighting, these creatures glow with a life force that escapes our landfills. Underlying their playful construction, Minet’s sculptures question whether ultimately we will evolve to become the materials that we can’t do without and point to humankind’s dependence on electricity.

See it at 24-Hour Gallery,  a row of public display windows located at 80 N. Raymond Avenue (on the SE corner of Raymond and Holly Street) in Old Town Pasadena. The exhibition is on view twenty-four hours a day. There is a secure parking garage on Raymond, just north of Heritage Wine Company, where you can park for free for 90 min. without a validation.

For more information, see lightbringerproject.com and cynthiaminet.com