Inouye Bill Seeks Study of Hawaii Camp Sites



Daniel Inouye

Daniel Inouye

WASHINGTON.—Sen. Daniel Inouye introduced a bill to have the Secretary of the Interior conduct a study to determine if internment camp sites in Hawaii are eligible to be listed as historic sites under the National Park System.


“During World War II, over 1,000 Japanese Americans were incarcerated in at least eight locations on Hawaii,” stated Inouye. “In a report completed in 2007, the Japanese Cultural Center of Hawaii documented these sites … Those detained included the leaders of the Japanese immigrant community in Hawaii, many of whom were taken from their homes and families in the hours after the attack on Pearl Harbor. The forced removal of these individuals began a nearly four-year odyssey to a series of camps in Hawaii and on the continental United States. Over 1,000 immediate family members of these men joined their husbands, fathers and relatives in mainland camps. The detainees were never formally charged and granted only token hearings.

Many of the detainees’ sons served with distinction in the U.S armed forces, including the legendary 100th Battalion, 442nd Regimental Combat Team and Military Intelligence Service.”

The House version of Inouye’s bill was introduced by Rep. Mazie Hirono (D-Hawaii).
The JACL gave its support along with many other organizations. National Executive Director of the JACL Floyd Mori, said, “We thank Senator Inouye for his leadership.”



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