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Time for some nonsense…

While seated comfortably, lift and straighten your right leg and slowly make a circular movement clockwise. Now, raise your right arm and draw the figure 6 in the air.

Trust me, there is nothing you can do to prevent what happens.

If that simple routine frustrates you, try the old challenge of rubbing your stomach clockwise with the right hand while patting the top of your head with the left. Not to celebrate if you somehow manage. Now try it standing up and walking. Chewing gum.

“You and everybody seems to have missed or forgot that General DeWitt stated on public TV that ‘I don’t know why they won’t forgive me, I forgive them for being Japs.’” Maybe my late father and I were the only persons who caught his remark – David Mukogawa

Never heard such a public statement. But if that is a direct quote you cited, I wouldn’t exactly categorize it is an apology – wth

“I enjoy your column… you are a very eloquent writer and a keen observer of life! Thank you so much for the recent article(s) on Tad Nagaki. I looked forward to each installment.” – Nora

Unfortunately misplaced an interesting correspondence from a distant Nagaki relative who upon reading the series made plans to visit him in Nebraska – wth

Three (3) anonymous commentators on the “Jap” issue:

“Ambivalence, thy art contradiction. Pobrecito! When Mary Ellen’s father slammed the door in your face, stating a refusal to allow a Jap to date his daughter, did you poke him in the nose or sheepishly withdraw into typical Japanese reserve (and) thus never experience the companionship of a female Caucasian? My heart goes out to you… but I can’t reach you.”

Once I had to jump up to smack a guy in the nose. Ten days in the stockade and a broken hand for the pleasure. My name is no longer stupid. And, by the way, her name was Mary Jane. Nor have I ever dated an Indian, either kind – wth.

“I denote more than a tinge of inner rage (that has not dissipated) re: father’s date refusal so many years ago. It is impossible to understand the level of hate that prevailed even after the war… I know this is of no consolation (but) I would gladly go out on a date with you (tonight).

Under the guise of CR2S I often write without inhibition or reserve; it’s not that difficult and often therapeutic, not to forget enjoyable. But my private persona is not public. After the sun goes down, so does my libido. So there haven’t been any evening engagements in eons. But by chance could your name possibly be Mary Jane? – wth

I don’t know about the rest of you fine folks out there but that ole saw about ignorance being bliss is always worth repeating.

Every time you turn around there is a new study being published about the cancerous dangers of this and that. If you heeded every caution and warning you wouldn’t be caught dead eating or drinking anything – you’d be dead already.

The latest red flag I read concerned the linking of hot tea to cancer. This caught my esophagus at half mast because I love tea—the hotter the better.

I guess scientists have nothing better to do than pick out a subject for study and whale away at people’s fears and doubts. According to an international group researching a northern Iranian province that has the highest incidence of esophageal cancer, the control group consumed nearly 1.2 liters a day. And they didn’t smoke or drink.

Those that drank “hot” tea (149 to 156 degrees Fahrenheit) were more than twice as likely to develop cancer as those who said they drank the beverage at “warm” or “lukewarm” (less than 140 degrees). Respondees who took their tea “very hot” (at least 158 degrees) were more than eight times as likely to get the disease.

Researchers were in agreement that the temperature of the liquid was almost certainly to blame rather than the compounds in the tea itself. When asked how long they waited to drink their tea after pouring it, those who waited two to three minutes were nearly 2.5 times more likely to develop the cancer compared with those who said they waited at least four minutes. The impatient ones who can’t wait even two minutes before sipping were 54 times as likely to be diagnosed with esophageal cancer, the study found.

If the above frightens you to iced tea, take note: CR2S always drinks ocha at over 150 degrees and smothers food with salt and pepper. Chances are you will read of my demise, but that’s cool: Hoist a piping hot Cha in memory of one happy Jappo.


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