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This week we have a major Japanese baseball player considering coming to America fresh out of high school and another, aging veteran, returning to Japan, giving up millions of dollars so that he can play.

More information on Japanese pitching phenom, Yusei Kikuchi has has been courted by the Rangers, the Dodgers, and Boston among several other teams. And here’s a really good read from a really good blog on just who this 18-year-old kid is

While Kikuchi is considering coming, Kenji Johjima has officially left. Here’s some speculation as  to why he walked away from $16 million. A return to his former team perhaps? And though I think Rob Neyer of ESPN is a complete moron, he published this semi-wild speculation on the ESPN website blog the other day.

The weight of a nation sits on Hideki Matsui’s shoulders. His next contract does too.

A great article on Kuroda. He talks about his mom and about being fined during last year’s playoffs against the Phillies.

i Miyazato a little closer to the top of the world rankings, but is even closer in this year’s money rankings.

Decathlete Bryan Clay hosts clinic.

While San Jose Sharks Devin Setoguchi scores twice and breaks a streak.


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