Sun Spots: “Johjima Gets Paid”


This week we say goodbye to Kenji Johjima, check out Blake Griffin’s recovery process, break down Ichiro’s batting and peek into the future of golf.

Matthew from the Seattle blog Lookout Landing breaks down Ichiro at the plate this year. (Click link to see the rest of the story)

Ichiro Suzuki’s walk total this past season, 32, marked his lowest total since his inaugural 2001 campaign. Granted, he had fewer plate appearances this season than he’s ever had in America, but even as a rate, his walk numbers were down…Ichiro’s 2.5% unintentional walk rate was by far the lowest mark of his career, even lower than that 2001 season (2.7%). Is that a cause for concern going forward? After all, we don’t expect Ichiro to post a .384 BABIP each year, so we would all rest a little easier if he didn’t need to bat in the mid .300s just to have an above average OBP…”

If you like golf, you can appreciate this piece by Melanie Hauser of about the future of golf that looks to include Ryo Ishikawa as a major figure.

We’ve had our eye on McIlroy and Ishikawa for a while now. McIlroy won the Dubai Desert Classic early this year and is ranked 16th in the world. Ishikawa is a rock star in his home county, has six Japanese Tour wins — four this year — and is ranked 36th. McIlroy has a winning smile and a solid game. Ishikawa has that charisma that makes us snap our heads and overlook a miscue or two.”

Turns out Kenji Johjima didn’t lose out on too much money…and he gained something else that he really wanted. Plus a little bit on Johjima’s possible replacement in Moore.

If you don’t know, number one overall draft pick Blake Griffin of the Los Angeles Clippers is sidelined for at least the next six seasons with a non-displaced stress fracture of his left patella. The following blog by excellent bball writer Kevin Arnovitz, explains the treatment Griifin’s undergoing, the same type that Takashi Saito underwent.


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