Empowerment Through Entertainment


by Rodo Riot
Rafu Correspondent

Hollywood, CA- Kollaboration Acoustic is Kollaboration’s younger brother.
It’s an annual event featuring live music performances of independent
artists selected from a stringent audition process. It’s meant to draw in
and give opportunity to talented performers to sing their hearts out and
compete on-stage at the Ford Amphitheater front of thousands of spectators
ready to enjoy the relaxed setting.

In it’s fourth inception, Kollaboration Acoustic packed the house with the
performances of Alex & Jackie, Justis Kao, Esna Yoon, FlowEthics, Sorah
Yang & Brian Fang, Peony, Hippie Hippie Hoorah, Lily Bee, Johnny Le & Iris
Leonardo, Misscarolinexoxo and Dawen.

Amongst the guest judges were Marié Digby who was also headlining the
event , Travis Wong of The LXD fame on MTV, Big Phony from K-Town Cowboys
and Shinae Yoon of Visual Communications.

Each year, more performers audition, the shows become even more amazing
and the crowds get bigger. Though the show culminated with Dawen being the
winner this year, the Kollaboration Acoustic events are geared towards
entertaining the audience, without putting too much focus on the
competition itself.

In that regard, Kollaboration Acoustic 4 not only put up a talented
line-up of artists this year but in following their credo, showcased the
Pan-Asian talents that are often hidden from the spot light of the US mass

For event coverage pictures- Click here


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