Kollaborating with Marié Digby


Hollywood, CA – Right before her guest performance in Kollaboration Acoustic 4, Marié Digby had a bit of time to answer a few questions for the Rafu.

Her songs have been featured in TV shows and films, she has a new web mini-series called “Breathing Underwater” which is based on her album of the same name that can be viewed at ABCMusicLounge.com.

During the interview, she reveals her thoughts on Asian-Americans in the media and her future plans to do move to Japan to work on an all Japanese album.

RR: What genre of music do you think has influenced you the most?
MD: Gosh, Pop? Definitely. Yeah.

RR: What are some of your favorite songs?
MD: Well my first album was a compilation of music. “Immaculate Collection” by Madonna. And my second album was “Nevermind” by Nirvana–And to me is still pop.

So that would sort of sum up my early taste in music. I would say that even if it’s rockin’, even if it’s country or bar music or whatever, that it would still be considered “popular” if a lot of people know it.

RR: So the biggest question here is, how did you get involved with Kollaboration Acoustic?
MD: It was natural and quiet I think. There’s a man by the name of Willy who sent me an email on my space and asked if I was up for playing. I’ve never been to a Kollaboration before. So this was first time.
RR: You never knew about the movement before this?
MD: No.
RR: What do you think of it so far?
MD: I think it’s incredible. I know it started as just Korean for Koreans. And I know that they sort of branched out and now it’s Pan-Asian. And I think that was a smart move because not only are Koreans under-represented in the music industry… ALL Asians are.

For me it’s very humbling to see all the talent. The talent is abundant. It’s just either A, we restricted ourselves or we just weren’t given the opportunities. So Kollaboration, I feel, is trying to change that with the new generation.

RR: I understand you visit Japan often? What are your favorite places to visit in Japan?
MD: Oh, probably Kamakura. There’s a ton of temples. You get to walk
around and it’s just lush and green and there are gigantic Buddha’s bigger
than you’ve ever seen.. And for shopping, Shibuya and Harajuku.

RR: So what are your plans or future projects?
MD: I’m actually moving to Japan for half a year to do a Japanese domestic
artist album. So all in Japanese.
RR: So you’re fluent in Japanese?
MD: I am! It’s my first language.
RR: Well, thank you very much for your time and good luck.
MD: Thank you.


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