LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: MTA Report is Good News for J-Town


Dear Editor,

The recent news that the MTA now prefers an all-underground alignment for the Regional Connector is certainly good news for Little Tokyo. When this rail project is complete, Little Tokyo will have direct rail connections to many areas of Los Angeles. However, there is one minor issue which Little Tokyo residents and supporters should be concerned about: In the Draft EIR for the project, the new Little Tokyo station is labeled as “Second/ Central.” While this is geographically accurate, it does not accurately describe the community this subway station will serve. This station will be across the street from the Japanese American National Museum and just down the block from Japanese Village Plaza. It deserves to have the “Little Tokyo” station name. I hope the Rafu Shimpo’s readers will join me in writing or e-mailing the MTA to request this simple but important change.

James Fujita


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