Cold Tofu Improv Presents ‘Hiroshi Show’ in Little Tokyo


The comedy improvisation group Cold Tofu will be performing Oct. 21 and 28 in Little Tokyo. (MPALMA Photography)

Cold Tofu Improv, the nation’s premier Asian American comedy improv group, presents the world premiere of “The Hiroshi Show” at the Tateuchi Democracy Forum, 111 Central Ave. in Little Tokyo on Oct. 21 and 28.

Amy Hill

“‘The Hiroshi Show’” is Cold Tofu Improv’s version of a traditional improv format called “The Armando,” created by Chicago improv teacher Armando Diaz. This improv format starts with a special guest (or “Hiroshi”) on stage delivering a personal and truthful monologue that is based on an audience suggestion. Inspired by the monologue, Cold Tofu cast members improvise scenes that, in turn, inspire a response from the “Hiroshi.” This propels hilarious, and sometimes emotional, interchanges between the “Hiroshi’s” monologues and the company’s scenes.

“Doing The Hiroshi Show is an exciting step for Cold Tofu,” said Artistic Director Helen Ota. “ I’ve always wanted the cast to perform a show that is different from our regular style of short, quick scenes and games. “The Hiroshi Show” is outside of our comfort zone and will challenge us to stretch improv our muscles,”

On Oct. 21, LAPD Deputy Chief Terry S. Hara will be the special guest. He is the highest-ranking Asian American in the Department and the first to achieve the rank of Deputy Chief.

The second guest on Oct. 28 is actress Amy Hill. Her television credits include “Grey’s Anatomy,” “Boston Legal,” “Desperate Housewives,” “Friends” and “Seinfeld.”

Performances are on Oct. 21 and 28 at 8 p.m. Admission is “pay-what-you-can” (minimum $5). For reservations, call (213) 739-4142 or e-mail [email protected].  For more information visit


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