Dear Editor,

In the September 9, 2010 issue of the Rafu Shimpo there was a front page story about “JACCC Clarifies Plan for Theater Renovation.”

JACCC Executive Director Chris Aihara was quoted as “We need to upgrade certain aspects of the facility to help enhance the experience of attending performances at the theater, for performers and the audience alike.”

If this enhancement takes place I would like to suggest that they put in a center aisle to allow easier access to the seats. In the times I have been in attendance for various performances I have noticed that there is just one row of seats which extend across the theater. Access is only from either end of each long row. If one sits in the middle of the row it requires they travel quite a distance to reach their seat.

Whoever designed the seating arrangements must not have considered the inconvenience this creates for patrons. I realize that providing a center aisle will remove seats but please think in terms of convenience and accessibility for the audience.

It is interesting to note that New York State Theater at Lincoln Center which features ballet and the opera is revamping their theater by adding a center aisle to its renovation. They have had the same seating arrangement as the Aratani Japan America Theatre.

Yours for better seating,
George M. Wakiji


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