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2011 JAO Schedule Girls Midget Gold Lower – 6th Grade

JAO Midget Gold Lower – 6th Grade
Schurr High School, Large Gym

Week 1, January 9, 2011
2:00—WLA Shooting Angels v. FOR South Bay Starz
3:00—FOR Ohana Girls v. Bruin Superstars
4:00—FOR Wildcats v. Evergreen All Stars
5:00—SF Lil Wahines v. FOR Honu Girls

Week 2, January 16, 2011
9:00—FOR South Bay Starz v. FOR Honu Girls
10:00—WLA Shooting Angels v. SF Lil Wahines
11:00—Evergreen All Stars v. Bruin Superstars
12:00—FOR Wildcats v. FOR Ohana Girls

Week 3, January 23, 2011
2:00—Evergren All Stars v. FOR Ohana Girls
3:00—FOR Wildcats v. Bruin Superstars
4:00—SF Lil Wahines v. FOR South Bay Starz
5:00—WLA Shooting Angels v. FOR Honu Girls

Week 4, January 30, 2011
9:00—FOR Honu Girls v. Bruin Superstars
10:00—FOR South Bay Starz v. Evergreen All Stars
11:00—SF Lil Wahines v. FOR Ohana Girls
12:00—WLA Shooting Angels v. FOR Wildcats

Week 5, February 6, 2011
2:00—SF Lil Wahines v. Bruin Superstars
3:00—WLA Shooting Angels v. Evergreen All Stars

February 6 at Alhambra Court 2
9:00—FOR Wildcats v. FOR South Bay Starz
10:00—FOR Ohana Girls v. FOR Honu Girls

Week 6, February 13, 2011
9:00—WLA Shooting Angels v. FOR Ohana Girls
10:00—FOR Honu v. Evergreen All Stars
11:00—Bruin Superstars v. FOR South Bay Starz
12:00—SF Lil Wahines v. FOR Wildcats

Week 7, February 20, 2011 at Alhambra Court 1
10:00—SF Lil Wahines v. Evergreen All Stars
11:00—FOR Ohana Girls v. FOR South Bay Starz
12:00—WLA Shooting Angels v. Bruin Superstars
1:00—FOR Wildcats v. FOR Honu Girls
Week 8, February 27, 2011
9:00—1st v. 4th
10:00—2nd v. 3rd
11:00—5th v. 8th
12:00—6th v. 7th

Week 9, March 6, 2011
2:00—6th v. 8th
3:00—5th v. 7th
4:00—2nd v. 4th
5:00—1st v. 3rd

Week 10, March 13, 2011
9:00—7th v. 8th
10:00—5th v 6th
11:00—3rd v. 4th
12:00—1st v. 2nd

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