Hotline/Interpretation Service Provided for Non-Japanese-Speaking Disaster Victims in Japan


TOKYO (PRNewswire) — Acima Corporation has established a hotline/interpretation service ( to all non-Japanese-speaking disaster victims of the recent earthquake and the subsequent devastating tsunamis.

Any international victims in need of assistance in communicating with others around them at the disaster site and/or seeking for the latest news (i.e. emergency evacuation sites, food distribution stations, medical services, survivor information) may contact the hotline using Skype and MSN Messenger, which over 220 staff are standing by online 24 hours a day for free of charge.

“Most updated information is often provided only in Japanese, not to mention that not being able to communicate in one’s own language is more likely to foment fear. We want them to know that we’re here for them whenever they need, and will be as long as needed,” said Amika Ohara, president and CEO of Acima Corporation.

The service was implemented on March 14 and is provided in over 20 languages, including English, Spanish, Chinese, and Portuguese.

Acima Corporation, located in Tokyo, is an international business consulting company, providing a wide range of services, including support to local restaurants and inns that serve foreign tourists, for local companies entering foreign markets, and foreign companies coming into Japan.

Acima also manufactures the industry-classified point-and-talk bilingual communication sheets “Yubi-lingual” (“yubi” means “finger” in Japanese) for ease of communication between local Japanese staff and foreign customers.

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