VOX POPULI: Peace Events Will Remember Victims of Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Fukushima and Beyond


(First published in The Rafu Shimpo on August 17, 2011.)


The 50/500 Indigenous Elders Support Committee and Lil Tokyo 4 Peace will combine their efforts in the August Morning Ceremony to be held in Lil Tokyo at 9 a.m. on Saturday, Aug. 20, at the foot of the “Grandmother/Father Grapefruit Tree of Life,” located in the northwest corner of the rock garden at 244 S. San Pedro St. at the Japanese American Cultural and Community Center.

On Friday, Aug. 19, the regular monthly Peace Vigil for August will be held at 5 p.m. at Sakura Crossing, located between Second and Third streets on South San Pedro Street in the heart of J-Town.

The August Morning Ceremony is held every year to never forget the negative effects on people and our environment by the misuse of the power of the Sun Goddess, the powers of fission, fusion and radioactive decay reactions of radioactive elements.

Even before the criminal bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki without warning of the destructive nature of the new weapons that wiped out a quarter-million people in the blink of an eye, the power was working its negative ways to make the people suffer.

The miners who dug up the hazardous materials, the workers who milled, condensed and processed the stuff, the scientists and workers who handled it, to the people and soldiers who were forced to witness the experiments, and those who were forced to move to accommodate the tests, the “downwinder” communities, and the “accidents,” the problems (people) involved in disposal of the stuff, to name a few.

We believe the questions raised by the nuclear disaster in Fukushima need to be addressed. Our perspective/opinion are the teachings of the Traditional Indigenous Elders of this land, which state, “in any decisions made today, the consequences of those decisions to the seven generations down the road must be considered.”

Which means that the Sun Goddess’ powers of fission, fusion and radioactive decay, when used and developed by humyns, need to be looked at from this perspective. Especially when the “half life,” a scientific term to describe what happens to an amount of radioactive material over time, is considered.

Example: a pound of radioactive uranium will decay/diminish by a half over the “half life,” say 20,000 years, of the material to a half pound. And in another 20,000 years you will still end up with a quarter pound of the stuff that’s still “hot” enough to cook your goose, 40,000 years down the road.

If you do the math, how lon and what would happen to all the radioactive materials from all the nuclear reactors in the world and all the nuclear weapons that exist? And most if not all the stuff is to make a fast buck or threaten other folks.

It is our opinion that nuclear energy has no place in the plans for the future of the planet. If the power companies and the defense/weapons corporations of the military industrial complex insist, then let the executive officers and stockholders take the stuff home and sit on it.

Lil Tokyo 4 Peace also needs/wants to weigh in on this question. Not only are we in the 10th year of the war on Afghanistan and the same soon for Iraq, but now Libya is on the crosshairs, all without a declaration of war or a decent reason for being there killing folks that have done nothing to us.

The reasons given always turn out to be falsehoods in the final analysis. Examples: Afghanistan — Taliban are bad people, close to Osama, we will liberate the womyn and promote democracy. Iraq — Hussein has weapons of mass destruction, we need to take him out and promote democracy. Libya — Qaddafi is a bad guy and we need to prevent a massacre and promote democracy.

We oppose “unjust wars,” those wars that invade, occupy, kill and maim civilians and take another country’s resources for someone else’s use. We oppose the use of radioactive hardened armaments (shell casings) by any country in the world. The U.S. is one of the most serious offenders, if not the most serious.

Ask the Puerto Ricans, the Hawaiians, not to mention the Afghanis, Iraqis, Libyans and the folks of the former Yugoslavia.

We ask all peace and justice striving people to take a stand. Enough is enough! If enough of us take a stand, we can make a difference for/to the future generations.

Where? In your homes, workplaces, places of worship, on a street corner, wherever. War is everywhere. Increase the peace.


Mo Nishida represents Lil Tokyo 4 Peace and the 50/500 Indigenous Elders Support Committee. For more information on the August Peace Vigil, call (323)371-4502. Opinions expressed are not necessarily those of The Rafu Shimpo.




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