“The earthquake will not defeat me” – Ajifuku

Last night I spent time with old friends at a tiny izakaya near Sendai Station. The owner was a friendly ojisan with a well-guarded tempura recipe. We ate and drank for hours and when the ojisan had nothing left in his fridge to offer, he joined us for a drink.

I was thrilled to see my old friends. We had met years ago at another izakaya/bento shop that I considered my home away from home. The owner, Kazuko Suga, is an eccentric woman with a knack for match-making her customers. I wanted to visit her on this trip but found out she’d closed shop a couple years ago.  So my friend Akane called her up and we hung out last night.

"The earthquake will not defeat me. I will continue on!" - Kazuko Suga, a.k.a. "obasan"

Mrs. Suga is the sweetly pestering auntie I never had. The entire night she tried setting up the single ladies in the room and resorted to calling one of her single male customers to come over (“He’s great catch!”). Sad to say, there was no love-match last night.

As the days pass here, I realize many people in the city do not make a point of dwelling on the earthquake. Reason being, even though many of them sustained damage to their homes and went without gas, electricity and fresh food for four days, it’s nothing compared to what their oceanside friends went through further north.

"I'll fight on for my students." - Chiba-kun (science teacher)

"Thank you for supporting us from so far away!" - Akane

So instead of sharing our sad stories, we ate, drank and listened to obasan’s theories on love and finding the right man. Thanks for the company, guys. =)


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