CROSSROADS TO SOMEWHERE: An Appreciation of CR2S Readers


(First published in
The Rafu Shimpo on Nov. 16, 2011.)


[There is some hope I will be able to respond to all of the many well wishes and concerns shown in a variety of ways by an equally diverse range of readers and friends. Maybe not the best constructed sentence, but it lets you know the pleasant challenge confronting me these days. It makes for warm and comforting feelings but the reason for the outpouring is a bit too steep a price to pay for such accolades and compassion. I doubt if a stubbed toe or simple stomachache will achieve the same level of concern. We’ll eventually find out, though, as CR2S is certain to have a headache or some such nonsense down the road a piece.]

The central theme of so many of the emails and letters was how reader(s) commiserated and shared personal misadventures. I guess misery does enjoy company. But I guess the greatest joy was being reminded of how gracious Rafu Shimpo readers are. “” passed along “Prayers and concern,” while “Valerie” sent along “warm wishes for your health & joy!” as well as appreciation (for) “allowing readers to accompany in (life’s) transition …” Which rings the proper bell, if such attention is necessary. CR2S, while obviously in love with itself, attempts to use personal experiences and observations to embrace and reflect the Nisei psyche. Of course, excluding the ornery and unique, which are mine alone.

CK thanks me for reminding him of all that has ailed him along the way to maturity plus. Alluding to age difference and life’s opportunities, he muses: “Oh well, it is said that fortune’s wheel is always turning. I sure have seen it turn so many times …”

FH (had) “difficulty picturing you flopping around in a hospital gown, but if you can do that … recovery would certainly be on the horizon.” DW, a volunteer at ICF, comments how “It’s great that you inform your readers of life at the retirement home, adjustments … etc. … Who knows (who) will be following in your shoes. Life is unpredictable.”

A medically-minded inquirer asked about the necessity for nine units of blood. “Isn’t that three more than is considered safe?” Well, sir/ma’am, I was told things would’ve gotten awfully hairy if the staunching of the second ulcer failed and surgery was necessary. Nine quarts is the amount of hemoglobin we all have so I had a complete oil change, so to speak, of my O positive for someone else’s. It’s currently not the greatest personal mystery, but I do find myself every now and again wondering whose serum is now running through my veins.

“Keep that Big Heart ticking …” admonishes EHU while SK from the Big Apple instructs CR2S to “… just keep on keeping on.”

A deal, gentlemen.

Meanwhile, many have asked how a mature male can come down with a case of ulcers, let alone two. Compounded by intestines with BP-like leakage, my stomach was mistaken for a contaminated Gulf of Mexico. I dunno, stuff happens, I guess. Despite a past history of a duodenal and peptic a long time ago, not to mention a love of salt, pepper, hot sauce and whatever else may play havoc with one’s innards, there was no hint of impending trouble. Now I think about coming down with less threatening  disorders but I also admit to now looking forward more than backward. Makes sense. I know my ABCs but who knows what’s behind Door F?

As HH admonishes: “Do not spend precious time worrying about the unworriable (sic). I have no idea how old you are (because) sometimes you sound youthful but if you’re a resident of Keiro Retirement Home, you must be (less than youthful). Having lost a wife and eldest son, you’ve experienced sadness but with (two) remaining scions and grandchildren great joy exists with the here and now. As a great believer in the importance of the past, do not dwell nor make the mistake of overemphasis. ‘The past is a bucket of ashes,’ my friend, stir not the ashes for the embers will die again. Whatever lies ahead requires your full attention and the challenge to translate its meaning for the rest of us …”

It’s a deal, pal.


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