2/11 Free screening of “Yellow” at VC

Feb. 11 — Join Visual Communications, 120 Judge John Aiso St., Los Angeles, for  the February installment of Movies That Made a  Difference, featuring Chris Chan Lee’s influential 1997 feature  debut “Yellow,” an entertaining ensemble comedy that follows eight  Korean American kids.

"Yellow" (1996)

Sin Lee, a high school senior, is held up while minding his parents’  grocery store. Faced with the dilemma of replacing $1,500, Sin hits  the streets of L.A. in hopes of digging up the cash before sunrise.  Boasting a cast of new, young actors (including a young John Cho),
“Yellow” is an optimistic film, marking a new generation of  independent and commercial filmmaking for Asian American talent.

Roger Ebert said, “A different kind of culture shock … the film is fascinating in the way it manages to be both about Korean American society and about young Gen X’er’s who could be of any race.”

A graduate of the USC School of Cinema, Chris Chan Lee has directed  numerous music videos and episodic television in addition to his two  features, “Yellow” and “Undoing” (2006).

The screening is free and open to the public. For information, visit www.vconline.org.