2/11 – Little Tokyo Invades Downtown Art Walk

Feb. 11 — The best of Little Tokyo is filling up the Banco Popular Center (4th Street & Spring Street) for this February’s Downtown LA Art Walk from 7 to 11 p.m. at Fourth and Spring Streets in downtown Los Angeles . Come by to get a taste of the art, clothing, music and culture that make up the Little Tokyo district. Hosted by Hold Up Art Lovers.

Archrival (http://www.thearchrival.com/)
Vespa of LA (http://www.vespaofla.com)
No. A (http://www.number-a.com)
RIF LA (http://www.rif.la/)
Hold Up Art (http://www.holdupart.com)

and Rized Mental Couture (http://www.rized.tumblr.com), friends from outside L.T. who are doing great things for Haiti and bring cut and sew designs that are good for the soul.

Also mural installations by legendary LA Graffiti Artists:

Eye One & Cache

Music will be spun by Eron Surdam (Robot Love) and SP of DANCEISM. This magical evening is curated by Hold Up Art and sponsored by all the wonderful stores involved in the Invasion. Spread the word and can’t wait to see you all this Thursday.