3/13-14 — Ohara School of Ikebana L.A. Chapter Show

March 13-14 — The Ohara School of Ikebana, Los Angeles Chapter celebrates the coming of spring with a colorful weekend-long exhibition in the George J. Doizaki Gallery, 244 S. San Pedro St., Level B, Los Angeles, at the Japanese American Cultural and Community Center in Little Tokyo.

Ikebana—one of the traditional arts of Japan has been practiced for more than six hundred years. It developed from the Buddhist ritual of offering flowers to the spirits of dead. By the middle of  the fifteenth century, ikebana achieved the status of an art form independent of its religious  origins, though it continued to retain strong symbolic and philosophical overtones.

Unshin Ohara (1861-1916), the founder of the Ohara School of Ikebana, developed a style of  ikebana to express the beauty of natural scenery. He also integrated brightly colorful Western  flowers that had just begun to be imported into Japan. The result of his efforts was Moribana, the  first brilliant step in modern ikebana.

The Los Angeles Chapter of the Ohara School of Ikebana was established in 1968 as part of the  Ohara School’s efforts to expand its activities not only in Japan, but worldwide. The Los  Angeles Chapter is one of the oldest and highly regarded Ikebana organizations in the United  States.

Gallery Hours: Saturday-Sunday, 10am-4pm.
Gallery closed on Mondays and Holidays.
For information, visit www.jaccc.org, call (213) 628-2725 ext. 133, or by email
[email protected]