4/5-7 — Poston III Reunion in Las Vegas

April 5-7—The Central California committee is planning the 14th Reunion for Camp III of Poston  to be held at the Golden Nugget Hotel in Las Vegas on April 5, 6 & 7, 2010.  Co-Chairmen are Sammy Nakagawa and Franklin Abe.  The Secretary/Registration is Ada Yamamoto and she should be contacted for registration forms at (559) 897-5318 or email at [email protected]  The registration deadline is Monday, March 1.

Los Angeles area bus riders are needed to have a chartered bus to Las Vegas, so any L.A.-area people who have any interest should contact Babe Karasawa as soon as possible at (562) 947-1146 or by email at [email protected]  For bus transportation already available from Central Cal contact Rumiko Arakawa at (559) 259-3358 and from San Diego contact either Mich Himaka at (619) 660-9865 or Miki Honda at (858) 278-4572.

The usual reunion schedule includes a Monday night mixer, Tuesday banquet, and Wednesday brunch.  However, there  will also be a side trip available from Las Vegas for those who desire to go to the Poston Memorial Center.  For information on this trip contact Dianne Kiyomoto at (559) 213-2614 or [email protected]