5/30 — Memorial Day Service at Evergreen

May 30 — Letters to Japanese American soldiers will be the centerpiece of the 61st annual Memorial Day service for the Nikkei Veterans of the Southland of All Wars on Monday, May 30 from 11 a.m. at Evergreen Cemetery.

The 100th Battalion/442nd Regimental Combat Team Veterans Association as part of the Nisei Veterans Coordinating Council and Evergreen Cemetery invites the public to help pay tribute to those who paid the ultimate sacrifice, allowing us to enjoy the freedom we have today.

The letters will be read by Jack Kennedy, Darryl Kunitomi, David Ono, Helen Ota, John Wakamatsu, and Ron Yamada as a tribute to the heroism and sacrifice of the Nikkei who served in the military. Evergreen Cemetery in Boyle Heights is the burial site of four Japanese American Medal of Honor recipients: Joe Hayashi, Kiyoshi K. Muranaga, Sadao Munemori and Ted T. Tanouye.

For more information, contact Russell Nakaishi at (714) 895-2801 or [email protected]