11/7 —11th  JRA Food Festival in Little Tokyo

Nov. 7 — The Japanese Restaurant Association of America (JRA) will host the 11th
annual Japanese Food Festival on Sunday, Nov. 7 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Kyoto Grand Hotel & Gardens, 120 S. Los Angeles St. The event is subtitled “Experience and Explore Japanese Cuisine and Culture” and is
often sold-out. The admission is  $50 per guest and limited to 1,000 guests with advance tickets purchased by Wednesday, Nov. 3.  The JRA is also looking for participants for the Sushi Eating contest, which
will be held during the event.

This festival was started to introduce traditional Japanese cuisine to
U.S. consumers and also have them experience new products. This year,
more than 80 Japanese food manufacturers, vendors and distributors will
participate in the event.

Guest will enjoy traditional Japanese food and drinks in the banquet
room and the Japanese garden of the hotel. The food will include sushi,
sashimi, yakitori, yakisoba, ramen noodles, soba noodles, beef bowl and
so forth.  Food will be served in sample size plates by the 30 or so
booths under an  “all you can eat” format.  In addition,
Japanese beer, sake, shochu (soju), and wine can be tasted.

The schedule of the attractions is: Filleting a Tuna Demonstration
(12:30pm), 40-foot-long Mega Sushi Roll Making (1:30pm -), Sushi Eating
Contest (2:30pm) and Sushi Chef Contest (3:00pm). As entertainment, jazz
music, taiko drums and koto will be performed.  A reviewer wrote about
her experience last year on Yelp.com, “This is absolutely the ultimate
gourmet experience of Japanese foods and cultures unlike any other food
and cultural event that you often see in town.”

You can purchase tickets online at
http://www.jraamerica.com/ff/index.html or call the JRA office at (213)
687-4055 for tickets information and sushi contest participation.