8/8-10 — Manzanar School Reunion in Vegas

Aug. 8-10 — Manzanar School Reunion Chairman Hank Nakano announced that the Committee will host a 2011 Manzanar School Reunion at the California Hotel in Las Vegas on Aug. 8-10. Everyone who attended schools in Manzanar as well as those interested in Manzanar are encouraged to attend the reunion. Busses will leave from Los Angeles, Gardena, Venice and San Fernando Valley.

The Monday Night Mixer includes a program featuring Clubs that were organized in Manzanar. A tribute to William Hohri, Manzanar High Class of 44, will be given by Wilbur Sato.  There will be time for reuniting with fellow classmates, block mates, camp mates and most of all with fellow club members.

There will be a slot tournament at the Main Street Station Casino on Tuesday morning.

The program for Tuesday Night Banquet is titled “What Remains, Japanese Americans in Internment Camps.” Margaret Chula and Cathy Erickson make the internment experience come alive in their seven-year collaborative project joining poetry and quilts.  Margaret’s original poems, diaries, and letters in the voices of people in the camps describe the hardships and emotions experienced.  Cathy has transformed personal stories into quilts through fabric, design and color.  Their presentation shows how two art forms can enhance and enrich each other.

Committee Members are Grace Anderson, Grace Deguchi, Cabby Iwasaki, Rosie Kakuuchi, Ray Kawahara, Toshiko Kubota, Shig Kuwahara, Kats Marumoto, Henry Nakano, Dorothy Oda, Joe Ozaki, Kanji Sahara, Wilbur Sato, Jane Tochi, Cherry Uyeda and Seigo Yoshinaga.

For reservations, contact Grace Anderson (818) 889-4291 [email protected] . For more info, contact Cherry Uyeda (818) 981-2629, Henry Nakano (714) 871-8178, Kanji Sahara (310) 539-3733 [email protected]