12/8-9— Tales of a Fourth Grade Lesbo

Dec. 8— Tales of a Fourth Grade Lesbo is BACK for three performances at the Carrie Hamilton Theater at the Pasadena Playhouse. Same cast– new and improved version of the show!
DECEMBER 8 at 8PM and DECEMBER 9 at 2PM and 8PM

or call 626-356-7529Written and Directed by Gina Young
Additional Writing by Amanda-Faye Jimenez

Naserin Bogado
Sumiko Braun
Sara Ann Buccolo
Jamie Criss
Jessica DeBruin
Mary Emfinger
Helen Wong
Lianne O’Shea
Megan Therese Rippey
Nicole Sykes
Nadia Vazquez
Gina Young

Choreography by Sara Ann Buccolo
and Gina Young

Art Direction by Carey Baldwin

Photos and Graphic Design by Erica Rae Brown