Blowfish Sushi


blowfish-sushiA sushi bar and lounge with attitude, Blowfish pairs rock n roll with sushi and sashimi, all in a catchy location perfect for Saturday Night. Blowfish is located on the first floor of a high rise office building in the space formerly occupied by Goodbar, wedged between a bank and a place called Muscle down Under.blowfish-02

Teak woods and panes of glass grace the entrance with a logo of a menacing Blowfish. The restaurant is divided between a main sushi bar and minimalist tabletop arranged in an amusing fashion.

Rock n roll as well as DJ house music acts as atmospheric wasabi to all that enter. Later in the evening, the sushi bar turns into a hip lounge, catering to more of a sake and beer crowd than true diners

Like a bit of food with that sake? Sample appetizers like Flying Shrimp and Ostrich Portabello, each prepared with plenty of spice. A selection of seafood salads include portions of tuna, crabmeat and seaweed as well as just a plain green one.

Unlike in SF, the LA Blowfish caters to seasoned LA diners. Albacore, white tail and salmon sashimi are all generously prepared with pepper garnish and a succulent sauce.

For die hard sushi lovers, the namesake Blowfish Roll offers layers of tuna, tempura bits; while the Rock n Roll combines yellow tail with eel. Thanks to its youthful vibe and affordable prices, Blowfish mixes a fine meal with loads of fun.

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Blowfish Sushi
9229 W Sunset Blvd
West Hollywood, CA 90069
(310) 887-3848


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