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Will be posting a weekly blog with links to interesting stories related to Japanese/Japanese American and Asians playing in professional sports. This week, with all the Daisuke Matsuzaka hoopla, thought I’d begin with that and move on to some other baseball news. Feel free to comment and respond and start up conversations. But keep it clean and civil please.

First up, a great in depth look at the creation and evolution of the pitch count in American professional baseball by ESPN writer Tim Kurkjian. Kurkjian usually writes top notch stuff and this is no different.

A news story giving more information on the Daisuke Drama from the Boston Globe.

Some more even-keeled insight into what Daisuke wants by Ron Borges of the Boston Herald.

Some biased unintelligent blither from an angry Red Sox Nation.

And for those who can read Japanese, perhaps you can pick up on what American translators did not. Seems to me columnist Taeko Yoshii has a bit of an agenda herself.

In other Japanese ball player news, and one that might have some implications in the Daisuke saga. About the promotion of 23-year-old Junichi Tazawa to Triple-A.

Around the Majors, an injury update on Baltimore Orioles pitcher Koji Uehara and Tampa Bay Rays second baseman Akinori Iwamura.

A very interesting and in depth look at Kenji Johjima and his worth to the Seattle Mariners.

And finally, Cubs OF Kosuke Fukudome has been better of late at the plate including a nine-game hitting streak where he was hitting at a .380 clip. Apparently he got some batting advice, that paid off in a funny way the other night.

-By Jordan Ikeda/Rafu Sports Editor


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