Jets/Jetts Tournament 2009 Results


The 2009 Jets/Jetts Invitational Tournament was held on July 22-26. There were about 180 teams par­ticipating this year in the COED, Women’s, Boys and Girls division including many local teams as well as teams from Northern Cal and Hawaii.

This year also marked the first Jets/Jetts Social which included a great performance by Kaba Modern hip/hop dance group. Results follow:

Boys Kindergarten Division

Evergreen Lakers

Jets Supersonics

Tigers Force

Tigers Legends

Boys 1st Grade Division




Samurai Sabers

Boys 2nd Grade Division

Gold Champion: Evergreen Blazers

Gold Runner-Up: Venice Transformers

Silver Champion: Bruins Young Guns

Silver Runner-Up: KOA

Boys 4th Grade Division

Gold Champion: Jets Hyper-Force

Gold Runner-Up: FOR Knights II

Silver Champion: FOR Sharp Shooters

Silver Runner-Up: Bruins Thunder

Boys 5th Grade Division

Gold Champion: WPC Cobras

Gold Runner-Up: San Fernando Tigers

Silver Champion: OCO Bengals

Silver Runner-Up: Dodgers Kolohe Boyz

Boys 6th Grade Division

Gold Champion: OCO-1

Gold Runner-Up: Norwalk Ballaholics

Gold Consolation: Pasadena Tigers

Silver Champion: San Francisco Flying Eagles

Silver Runner-Up: Tigers Fursion

Bronze Champion: BAAS Red Dragons

Runner-Up Bronze: Hornets

Boys 7th Grade Division

Champion: Bruins Land Sharks

Runner-Up: Bruins Ballerz

Boys 8th Grade Division

Champion: BAAS Red Dragons

Runner-Up: OCO Tsunami

Boys 9th Grade Division

Gold Champion: FOR Wizards

Gold Runner-Up: Dodgers Black

Silver Champion: OCO-4

Silver Runner-Up: OCBC Dragons

Boys Prep Lower Division

Champion: BAAS Red Dragons

Runner-Up: Honolulu Ikaika

Consolation: Norwalk Lightning

Boys Prep Middle Division

Gold Champion: WPC Force

Gold Runner-Up: FOR Pipeline

Silver Champion: FOR Blue Devils

Silver Runner-Up: Evergreen Fireballs

Boys Prep Upper Division

Gold Champion: Norwalk Magic

Gold Runner-Up: Tigers Terrors

Silver Champion: Jets Sixers

Silver Runner-Up: South Bay Spartans

Girls 1st Grade Division



Jets Jammers

San Fernando Wildcats


Girls 2nd Grade Division

Champion: Saberette Sparks

Runner-Up: Evergreen Emeralds

Girls 3rd Grade Division

Champion: SBY Lady Seahawks

Runner-Up: Bruins Cheetahs

Consolation: Jetts Fusion

Girls 4th Grade Division

Champion: VFW Ballhawgs

Runner-Up: BAAS Dragons

Girls 5th Grade Division

Champion: Mighty Mochi

Runner-Up: OC Rim Shakers

Girls 6th Grade Division

Gold Champion: Tigers Elite

Gold Runner-Up: Norwalk Blue Magix

Silver Champion: Summer Sun

Silver Runner-Up: BAAS Red Dragons

Bronze Champion: Wanjettes Shooting Stars

Bronze Runner-Up: Norwalk Cheetahs

Girls 7th Grade Division

Gold Champion: Dodgers Monarchs

Gold Runner-Up: BAAS Dragons

Silver Champion: Dodgers Hoopsters

Silver Runner-Up: OCO Orange Bang

Girls 8th Grade Division

Champion: San Francisco Flying Eagles

Runner-Up: BAAS Dragons

Girls Prep Division

Gold Champion: San Francisco Flying Eagles

Gold Runner-Up: Jetts Unknown

Silver Champion: SOC Blue Magic

Silver Runner-Up: BAAS Dragons

Women’s Division 1

Champion: Jetts Air Zoris

Runner-Up: San Jose Power Rangers

Women’s Division 2

Champion: Imperials Purple

Runner-Up: The Taco Truck

COED High School Division

Gold Champion: Y12 Kochi

Gold Runner-Up: Hawaiian Style

Gold Consolation: Shazam

Silver Champion: Y14 Hoa Pili

Silver Runner-Up: XOXOXO

Silver Consolation: Y15 Red

Bronze Champion: Hang Ten

Bronze Runner-Up: Wildbunch

COED Adults Division 1

Champion: Tom Duncan on You

Runner-Up: Rainbows

Consolation: Yonsei X & Friends

COED Adults Division 2

Champion: Umm…Hi Haters

Runner-Up: From the Bay to LA

Consolation: Y11


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