Sun Spots 2


Hello all. I attended the LA Women’s Open at the Home Depot Center so that’s what this week’s J-Slanted was about (check Thursday’s paper). So for those of you who need your baseball fix, here’s week two of Sun Spots.

Wow, Baseball Digest is repeating some of the same stuff I’ve been writing about for the past two months in my column. You might think they tell it better, so here’s the story.

Though I despise the BoSox, re-emphasized with their mishandling of the Daisuke situation (that was brushed under the table when it was leaked that Big Papi David Ortiz was found to have failed a drug test in 2003), they might be bringing up Junichi Tazawa in the next couple of weeks.

Ichiro helped the Mariners win with both his bat and his glove Tuesday night and ended up making Sportscenter’s top 10 plays at number 5.

Little Matsui (Kazuo) playing Mothra to Big Matsui’s (Hideki) Godzilla.

Seattle Mariners head skipper Don Wakamatsu doing managerial things.

Kurt Suzuki contributed as a backstop and an offensive threat when his teammate Gio Gonzalez threw nearly seven shutout innings against the Texas Rangers. Suzuki went on to hit another homer the next night in a loss.

In other sports news.

Keep checking Baltimore Beatdown for updates on Haruki Nakamura’s training camp with the Baltimore Ravens. Writer Bruce Raffel of Baltimore Beatdown loves the kid.

Heat head coach Eric Spoelstra, the first Asian American head coach in the NBA, talks about visiting his mother’s homeland—the Philippines.

By Jordan Ikeda
Rafu Sports Editor


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