Sun Spots 3


Some interesting baseball news this week in our third installment of Sun Spots. Feel free to comment.

What life is like for a 40-year-old (Ken Takahashi) rookie trying to make it to the bigs.

A breakdown of Boston rookie Junichi Tazawa’s makeup by trustworthy ESPN writer Keith Law. Also, a story about a missed opportunity by the Detroit Tigers in regards to the 23-year-old pitcher.

Seattle skipper Don Wakamatsu juggling lineups.

Baltimore Orioles pitcher Koji Uehara takes the mound…in practice.

Tampa Bay Rays infielder Akinori Iwamura is on schedule as well.

Gasp. My boy Kazuo Matsui of the Houston Astros is creeping up on quite the career accomplishment.

Closely watched Japanese high school prospect, Yusei Kikuchi of Hanamaki High School  struggles in front of Major League teams.

by Jordan Ikeda

Rafu Sports Editor


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