2WJD Store Opening


Urban Positive Life Style Brand 2WJD’s First Store open in West LA!

On August 21st, 2009, Urban Positive Brand, 2WJD opened their very first store in West Los Angeles. 2WJD hosted an invite only VIP opening party.

2WJD was founded by Shiho Oribe Doyle in 2006 with her unique original designs. Even though 2WJD is categorized as an urban brand, all of the designs are faith based and inspired by consistent positive arts. The uniqueness of 2WJD was spread by word of mouth in the American market beginning in 2006. 2WJD offers colorful artistic graphic designs with a fusion of positive music and fashion, using headphones, graffiti, sound waves, and more. This is the only store that you can find artistic collections that are original. There are men’s, women’s, and also unisex lines available.

2wjd-04While the number of “regular” American customers increases, 2WJD has been providing Asian customer sizes also. Through networking with recording artists and industry professionals in the American market, 2WJD has attended many networking events and met many talented professionals. Because of everyone’s positive reaction, 2WJD will open their own store this month. Now 2WJD would like to spread their own network in the Asian markets, and decided to open this store on Sawtelle Blvd in West Los Angeles, an area that has many Asian restaurants and shops. This is the only fashion boutique that provides urban positive life style merchandise. Please stop by at 2WJD when you come to the Sawtelle Asian restaurants area.

2WJD encourages people to reach for their goals and dreams, and hoping that everyone can use this location as his or her network to move forward.


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