Breaking Through: Vietnamese-American Guitarist Luan Nguyen of Hotly Tipped Band Tim Be Told



“The material on the band’s latest EP, From The Inside, is as fetching as anything the Fray or Maroon 5 could whip up. But whereas each of those bands tend to stick to their respective strengths of balladeering and swaggering neo-soul, Tim Be Told covers both styles and more with an impressive amount of finesse.”

“I’m going to say hands down [“From the Inside”] is one of the strongest releases I’ve heard all year.” – MTV Iggy

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (U.S. ASIAN WIRE) — September 29, 2009 — Tim Be Told, the fast-rising five-piece pop band from Charlottesville, VA, has come a long way. Their message of hope and optimism is spreading like wildfire, and their latest EP, “From the Inside” was released this summer to rave reviews. Each member of Tim Be Told offers a unique contribution to the band’s overall appeal, and Vietnamese-American guitarist and backing vocalist Luan Nguyen is no exception.470

The twenty-three year old plays a huge role in creating the band’s acclaimed sound. His playing contrasts powerfully with the band’s other guitarist Andrew Chae, and his backing vocals add delicate touches to each song. This is particularly the case on the tracks ‘Analyze’ and ‘Perfect,’ which showcase the extra dimension Luan’s tasteful musicianship adds to frontman Tim Ouyang’s passionate vocals.

Referring to the band’s latest release “From The Inside,” Luan says, “I think sonically the EP displays a much more mature sound for the band. Each instrument is not fighting for attention, but comes to the front of the song when it’s time for that instrument to shine.” A perfect example of this is the song “Analyze,” Luan’s favorite off of the EP. “It’s more of a rock song, and I think the string parts on it are amazing. They weave in and out of the mix beautifully to complement the parts the band is playing on their instruments.”

Luan’s parents originally hail from Vietnam, his father from Nha Trang and his mother from Saigon. Luan is incredibly proud of his heritage. However, he believes his musical influences are diverse, and range from his religious faith to his life experiences. “I think everyone sees and experiences music in a unique way”, says Luan. “Although Vietnamese culture doesn’t influence the way I play as such, it does give me a platform on which I can connect and relate to other Vietnamese-Americans who have had a similar upbringing.”

According to Luan, “certain music has always moved me and I still get the chills when I hear something breathtaking musically. There are songs that I really relate to during certain stages of my life that serve as somewhat of an anthem for me.”

Tim Be Told’s multi-cultural heritage, combined with their commercial appeal and superb musicianship, has allowed them to build up a diverse fan base. In high demand on the live music circuit, Tim Be Told tours constantly, engages in media interviews, and holds fan meet and greets in between. However, Luan is in it for more than success. “If we hit it big enough, I’d hope we’d use our money, influence, and voices for something much bigger and more important than ourselves.”

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Photo Courtesy: Dan Chen
Pictured L to R: Luan Nguyen, Parker Stanley, Tim Ouyang, Andrew Chae, Jim Barredo


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