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Sun Spots is back and with a new logo to boot (thanks Cari). This week we’ve got Griffy and Ichiro, a UCLA running phenom, football in the 1880s and training like a decathlete. As always, hit me back with comments, suggestions, rants and raves, whatever you feel like. Let’s spark up a discussion.

Since it is now officially football season, we’ll get rolling with a couple of football spots. This first one is an interesting account of a Japanese player for Maryville back in the mid 1880s. Scroll down to the  Maryville story towards the bottom.

The next spot focuses on USC defensive coach Rocky Seto. It’s a video. If anyone knows him personally, let me know. I’m trying to get an interview with him.

Some track and field spots. Met this young lady a few years ago when she was still in high school. Now she’s apparently at the cusp of not only a breakout, but also dominating season. Shannon Murakami doing work for the UCLA Cross Country team.

Speaking of work, learn how to exercise and train like Olympic Decathlon gold medal winner Bryan Clay.

A tennis spotlight on Kimiko Date Krumm who just won her first round match at the Guangzhou Internationl Women’s Open in S. Korea. It’s an interview from a couple weeks ago. Good stuff.

As the season winds down, some baseball spots for your reading pleasure. Here’s a weird Don Wakamatsu story explaining how his quotes are being used to promote an opposing pitcher’s Cy Young candidacy.

Another interesting spot on the OG of Japanese baseball in America Masanori Murakami and the racism he faced when he first came over in the 1960s.

Want to know why the Mariners have rebounded from a 101-loss season and are currently only four wins away from securing a winning season this year? The dynamic nature of the dynamic relationship of the dynamic duo of the stoic and the natural (Ichiro and Griffy Jr.).

A thorough breakdown of Daisuke Matsuzaka’s return to the BoSox rotation offering further insight into the concerns touched upon in this week’s J-Slanted.

And just because I love basketball, and because David Robinson’s induction into the Hall of Fame was overshadowed by some other dude, here’s a breakdown of why David Robinson was a better all-around player than Shaquille O’Neal.


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