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Remembrance of the Week: Love or loathe Barack H. Obama, more like maybe simply like or dislike, he is the only president we have at the moment. If we’ve learned anything at all, it is the jarring reality how far and fast favorites can fall. But let’s hold back on the matter of failure—at least for awhile.

Points of reference: Toyota, Tiger Woods, John Edwards (although the latter is more than iffy.)

I hereby avow we live in the greatest state in the country. Forget Arnold, a hapless legislature, state, county and city going broke. I just had a bowl of corn flakes with banana, blackberries AND strawberries! I mean, hey, where on God’s good earth can you have such luxury? In addition there is also a diced cantaloupe, seedless grapes (red and green), a couple of oranges and an apple in the fridge. Granted the strawberries aren’t the fresh, juicy Orange County succulents but in February? Wowzus. Be a king at breakfast, lunch like a prince, at dinner be a beggar.

Remembrance #2: Next time you visit someone in a hospital, facility or at home convalescing, try real hard to say something other than “How you feeling?”

Having been a typewriter person since age 13, it was a humungous leap of faith to enter the e-world. I’m sure it’s the same back story for most all aging, backward Nisei. Yours truly had to be dragged kicking and screaming swearing everlasting allegiance to carbon paper and whiteout. Finally graduated to a daily menu of e-mail and word processor usage so you can imagine the shock of suddenly being unable to log on (or is it in?) last week. It took the dual efforts of my sons to solve the glitch (with the guidance of a nerd in New Delhi.) What a hapless couple of days. Someday iPhone? iPod? iPad? iPass.

The surreptitious invasion by Far East no-goodniks continues. I read where New York’s famed greenery is being threatened by something called the Asian long-horned beetle. It’s deadly larvae is causing havoc in Central Park. This latest menace comes on the heels of voracious Asian carp infesting the Great Lakes, not to forget the recent Lake Tahoe blitzkrieg by Asian mollusks. Locally the citrus industry is keeping a close eye on the psyllid (also Asian) that currently threatens our fruit trees. Toyota, although not a bug, fish or disease, continues the stream of negatives crossing the Pacific.  And you are aware Japan will soon lose its status as the #2 global power sometime this year. Not that I bow to the East every morning but there was consolation in shouting “They’re Number Two” once in awhile. At least James Cameron tried to stem the ominous Oriental tide by making Avatar’s heroic 10-ft.-tall Na’vis peer through (gasp) yellow eyes. And not even slanted!

Remembrance #3: Colts 31 Saints 24 (under).
Like millions of compatriots, I was a “Catcher in the Rye” reader, a J.D. Salinger captive from sentence one. The direct opposite of John Updike, who invented the word “prolific,” Salinger published four novels and then literally and physically disappeared. Noted critics, historians and other authors have since salvaged and savaged. Joining the cacophony, even though uninvited, I believe someone will find a treasure trove of his subsequent writings somewhere, some day.

It is humanly impossible for someone with his writing talent to turn off creative juices like a faucet. To repeat a personal observation from a long time ago: For the longest time I was under the impression one had to be Jewish in order to write successfully. Like you had to be a Jappo to be buck-toothed and inscrutable.

There are 24 students named Lin at Harvard, one named Jeremy, a 6’3” guard who may become the first Asian American drafted by the NBA (there was no collegiate draft when Wat Misaka played for the New York Knicks in 1940). But in this year of our Lord 2010 he constantly suffers through bigoted jeers during road games, “Wonton soup,” “Open your eyes!” and the usual “Ching Chong” gibberish a la Adam Carolla.

We’re talking about student bodies from our nation’s elite institutions, the likes of Princeton, Dartmouth, Yale and Cornell. In all honesty CR2S has made it’s share of “Won Hong Low” and “Sum Dum Ting” jokes but I don’t think I’ll ever be a president, ambassador or mogul. [Poor excuse but it’s my column.]
Remembrance #4: Maybe I mistakenly took an Ugly caplet today.


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