A Few Minutes of Wonder


South Korea’s girl pop sensations unleash their mix of sweet and sassy onto a wild House of Blues crowd.


WEST HOLLYWOOD.–During their concert at the House of Blues last Friday, the Wonder Girls sat down for an interview with the Rafu a few minutes before they took the stage to bring their world tour to L.A.

The Wonder Girls–Yenny, Sohee, Sun, Yoobin and Lim–are currently the number one K-Pop girl group in Asia. Their hit single, “Nobody” entered the Billboard Hot 100 in 2009, making them the fi rst Korean group ever to place on the coveted chart. The quintet also served as the opening act for the North American leg of
the Jonas Brothers World Tour.

Their management agency, JYP Entertainment, calls the Wonder Girls the hardest working group of girls in the music industry, with the result being music that is fresh and performances that are amazing. Their videos routinely attract millions of hits on the internet.

Rodo Riot: Let’s start this off on a humorous note. The World Cup is going on right now. So, which team are you guys rooting for?

Yenny: Well we have to say…
Sun: Defi nitely…
Wonder Girls: Korea!
Sun: Aaaaaaand Mexico!

RR: Since you guys are touring a lot, what are your favorite places so far?

Sun: Well there’s a lot…
Yenny: We love LA.
Sun: I love Chicago and she loves San Jose.
Yoobin: Yes! I love San Jose. It’s my home town.

RR: A question a fan wanted to ask was, “How do you like guys like boys in the U.S. versus boys in Korea?”

Yenny: Oh well, we haven’t really dated anyone here so we don’t really know how different it is.
Sun: Yeah, we didn’t really get to meet anyone.

RR: Do you guys play any video games at all?

Yoobin: I like video games.
Sun: Is Wii Fit a video game?
RR: Yeah, Wii fi t is a video game. That counts.
Yoobin: Yeah, Wii fi t and Xbox.
Lim: How about the bubble popping game? I’m not really sure [of the name.] RR: Oh, Bust-a-Move you mean? The one with the little dinosaurs?
Lim: Yeah, yeah, yeah! I love that game!

RR: What’s the best part of performing for you guys?

Yenny: Just being on stage is amazing for us.
Sun: Like being able to interact with people…
Yoobin: Yes.
Yenny: They follow our dance and sing along with us–we get

RR: You get goosebumps even now, after you’ve performed so much?

Yenny: Yeah! Everytime we hear their voices cheering.

RR: What are your goals for your music?
Yenny: We’re still young, but we just want to interact with more people. I think a lot of people like our music so we got to the US a little earlier than we expected. So it’s just amazing performing for the audience here.

RR: One more question: How would you describe your music?

Sun: It’s fun, retro…
Yoobin: Funky, easy to follow…
Sun: Our concept is very retro.
Yenny: And very addictive!

RR: Thank you so much and good
luck tonight.

Wonder Girls: Thank you.
Yenny: And we hope you enjoy the show!

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