JANM Statement on Devastation in Japan


Akemi Kikumura Yano, president and CEO of the Japanese American National Museum in Los Angeles, issued the following statement on Saturday:

“On behalf of the Boards of Trustees and Governors, staff, and volunteers of the Japanese American National Museum, I wanted to convey our concerns and sympathies over the unprecedented devastation occurring in Japan due to the earthquakes and tsunami. We all have friends and families in Japan and our greatest hope is that they are safe and unharmed.

“For those who wish to help in this time of need, we suggest supporting organizations that have historically provided direct aid in response to natural disasters. Among these are the American Red Cross and the Salvation Army. I have listed links to both organizations below, but you may choose another worthy cause as well.

“As we all continue to watch as events unfold in Japan, we should all remember that our ability to work together gives us our greatest strength during times of duress.”

American Red Cross


Salvation Army



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