Nissan’s Update on Quake Impact


FRANKLIN, Tenn. — Nissan Americas on March 24 issued the following update on the impact of the March 11 earthquake on its operations.


Nissan Americas manufacturing operations intend to follow a normal production schedule through at least April 1. The supply chain is being continuously assessed and Nissan’s teams are working to limit any potential for component shortages. Another update will be provided next month.

We are currently studying the potential for our Decherd, Tenn. engine plant to supply VQ V-6 engines to Japan to replace lost production from the Iwaki engine plant. No decisions have been made at this time.

Nissan LEAF vehicle and battery production resumed at the Oppama assembly and Zama battery plants on Thursday, March 24. The ability to sustain production will depend to a large degree on the frequency of rolling blackouts due to electricity shortages.

Nissan’s operations in Mexico, Canada and Brazil do not expect to be impacted by any supply or production constraints at this time.

Vehicle Stock / May Ordering

Nissan brand has visibility of more than 260,000 units in dealer stock, at port or in transit from Japan while Infiniti brand is operating with more than 35,000 units of availability. These are both healthy stock situations and better than at the same point last year.

Nissan and Infiniti retailers are being notified today that the company will follow a normal schedule for May ordering. All customer and dealer vehicle orders will be processed without delay and dealers will see no interruption in their ability to order Nissan or Infiniti vehicles.

“Our supply chain teams in Japan and America continue to work relentlessly to resolve the bottlenecks as they appear, so that our manufacturing operations have an uninterrupted activity to support market needs,” said Carlos Tavares, chairman, Nissan Americas.

As the situation continues to develop, Nissan Americas will provide routine updates as appropriate.


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