NSU USC Hosts Cultural Night on March 6


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The Nikkei Student Union at USC invites the public to their fourth annual Cultural Night on Sunday, March 6, at Bovard Auditorium on the USC campus. Originating in the 1980s as a way to commemorate the signing of Executive Order 9066 which interned thousands of Japanese Americans during World War II, this production is an outlet of young Japanese American expression.

The student-run production hosts a variety of performances held together by a student-written drama. This year’s looks at The Rafu Shimpo and the “Save Rafu” initiative. “If You Wish,” features a genie who grants one wish to Vince (Daniel Shimura), a college dropout living with his grandparents, and Ruby (Rachel Oto), a junior writer at The Rafu Shimpo.

Because the prize is for only one wish, they are both sent to an eccentric genie’s office to straighten everything out. The genie’s solution: they must make a wish together within two weeks or the wish is lost.

In addition, there will be performances, including contemporary drumming by USC Kazan Taiko and dancing by USC Nikkei KBD Hip Hop, and USC Nikkei SoTrad (traditional dance).

Doors at Bovard Auditorium open at 6:30 p.m., the show starts at 7 p.m. Parking is available at Gate 3. Admission if free. Tickets are available by contacting [email protected] For more information, visit www-scf.usc.edu/~nikkei.



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