RAFU STATEMENT—Gambatte: A Message of Hope


In this terrible moment, news of the devastation wrought by the earthquake and tsunami in northeastern Japan becomes more disheartening each day. We are greatly saddened by the catastrophic loss of lives and property and pray that relief arrives swiftly and adequately.

For Japanese Americans, the bond with the people of Japan transcends politics and distant memories of international conflicts. Our cultural values are rooted in the lessons taught to us by our parents and grandparents: oya-kouko (love for family); enryo (humility); kodomo no tame ni (for the sake of the children); gambatte (hang in there).

It has been more than 140 years since the first immigrants arrived in the United States from Japan. Since then, this community has contributed immeasurably to America’s success.  In the face of unprecedented adversity, the JA community has spawned many of this country’s greatest citizens. For us, the tragedy of March 11 is deeply personal.

The Rafu Shimpo commends those organizations and individuals that have already stepped forward to provide aid to Japan’s beleaguered people. We urge everyone to send contributions to the organizations listed in this newspaper. To assist with this effort, our office will also forward any donations to the appropriate organizations. In addition, appropriate contact names and addresses for such donations will be published within our pages.

As the nation’s largest Japanese American daily newspaper, we pledge to continue our humble efforts to serve as a medium for information. More importantly, our wish is to serve as a conduit of hope.


The Rafu Shimpo
Management and Staff



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