Takei: ‘Today, We Are All Japanese’


Actor and community leader George Takei posted the following statement on his website, www.georgetakei.com:

“I extend to the people of Japan and especially to those of the Tohoku region my heartfelt sympathy and condolences in the aftermath of the devastation from the earthquake and the subsequent tsunami. The pictures we see on our television news reports are unbelievable — horrific. At times like this, we are united in our effort to bring relief to those people suffering in the wreckage of the horrors of nature. Please stay strong. Today, we are all Japanese.”

Takei also called for donations to help the victims during an interview with CNN.

Visit http://twitter.com/GeorgeTakei# to see Takei’s tweets on disaster relief and other earthquake-related issues.

One message reads: “Grateful to confirm that all friends & relatives, including those near epicenter, are safe and accounted for.”

Another celebrity with ties to Japan, artist/musician Yoko Ono, has been posting updates on disaster relief and locating loved ones at http://twitter.com/yokono.

One message addressed to “My dear people of Japan” reads: “I feel numb now, as if I was there myself and hit with this disaster as you have been. Only just recently I visited Tokyo, and was delighted how beautiful, clean and quiet the city was! I didn’t expect a disaster like this to happen to the country I love so much.

“One year, John, my husband, Sean and I, were in the hotel in Tokyo. It was in the morning, and the earthquake suddenly hit three of us. I immediately grabbed Sean, who was still a little boy then. I went into an open closet, holding Sean tightly, and sat in there, keep repeating ‘Namyohorengekyo.’

“After the earthquake subsided, John laughed and said he didn’t understand why I sat in an open closet. I explained to him that it was important to be protected by a structure. Well, at least, that was what I was told when I was a child. The earthquake John, Sean and I experienced was not at all like the one you just experienced. But still my body is now shaking tonight from the memory of it.

“So I feel deeply for you for having experienced the earthquake that was the severest in the history of Japan. It must have been so, so horrible. I extend my sympathy and love to each one of you. I’m very sorry that you had to go through what you went through. My heart is with you all the way.”


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