Zynga Raising Relief Funds Through Online Games


SAN FRANCISCO — Zynga, which has partnered with Save the Children to support disaster relief work in Japan, has issued the following statement.

The recent earthquake and ensuing tsunami that struck Japan brought unimaginable devastation and loss to the country and its citizens. Our collective hearts at Zynga go out to the hundreds of thousands of people affected by this tragedy.

Immediately following the earthquake, Save the Children, an organization that Zynga has worked closely with in the past, quickly sprang into action and created the Japan Earthquake Tsunami Children Emergency Fund. We at Zynga are grateful that we can offer some assistance to Save the Children by mobilizing our technology, people and amazing community of players to support this organization in providing aid to the children of Japan.

Twelve hours after the earthquake struck, on Friday, March 11, 8 p.m. PST, Zynga launched in-game initiatives that made donations possible across a number of our most popular games, including: CityVille, FarmVille, Zynga Poker, FrontierVille and Words with Friends. Vampire Wars is now live with a campaign, as well, and YoVille and FishVille will soon launch theirs.

We are grateful to Facebook for joining us in this effort by donating Facebook credits through the games to support the fundraising efforts. 100 percent of the purchase price of the virtual items included in this initiative will go to the Japan Earthquake Tsunami Children Emergency Fund to support Save the Children’s relief efforts.

Following the devastating earthquake in Haiti, Zynga’s amazing community of players raised over $1.5 million in just five days, an extraordinary demonstration of concern and action. We can’t thank our players enough for the good we’ve seen them create in the past, and hope they will rally once again to help the children of Japan.

To make a direct donation, visit www.zynga.org. Zynga players have made real change by raising millions for several international nonprofits since Zynga.org launched in October 2009.