Energy Secretary Chu Visits Japanese Embassy


WASHINGTON — U.S. Energy Secretary Steven Chu on March 25 visited the Japanese Embassy in Washington, D.C., to sign a book of condolence for the victims of the recent tsunami and earthquakes that have impacted the country.

The secretary also met with Ambassador Ichiro Fujisaki to express his support for the people of Japan and to reaffirm the U.S.’ continued commitment to assist the Japanese government in its ongoing response and recovery efforts.

On March 15, 33 experts from the Department of Energy’s National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) arrived in Japan along with more than 17,200 pounds of equipment. After initial deployments at U.S. consulates and military installations, these teams have utilized their unique skills, expertise and equipment to help assess, survey, monitor and sample areas for radiation. The 33 team members joined another six DOE personnel already in Japan.

Since arriving in Japan, NNSA teams have collected and analyzed data gathered from more than 40 hours of flights aboard Department of Defense aircraft and thousands of ground monitoring points.

That data has been collected, analyzed and posted on the Department’s website at Consistent with President Obama’s commitment to share important information related to health and safety with the public, the department will seek to update the data posted on its website daily.

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