Last Chance to Grow Your Donation in Support of Japan Earthquake Relief


(Editor’s note: The following message is from the San Francisco law firm of Minami Tamaki LLP and Inspirational Opportunities for Youth and Seniors.)

Dear Friends and Supporters,

The devastation and tragedy in Japan has touched us all in the past six weeks since the disasters there and I want to express my personal appreciation to you for supporting the Minami Tamaki/IOYS matching fund campaign.

Together with you, we are making a difference.  We started this campaign on March 16 with the goal of raising $50,000 and have now exceeded our fourth target of $250,000 by raising $300,000 in combined donations and matches. We were only able to do this because of your generosity, your sharing our message and through the support of additional new campaign partners.

Our matching campaign ends on April 30 and I’d like to ask you to help us make one last push to reach our new and final goal of $325,000. It’s amazing that the spirit of helping the people of Japan continues to be strong and vibrant.

Last week I attended a fundraising mixer sponsored by the Hawaii Chamber of Commerce of Northern California.  Chamber President Daryl Higashi gave me a chance to provide the attendees with an update of our campaign.

Before I spoke, Daryl gave our campaign such a warm introduction, mentioning that we — meaning you and the hundreds of other donors and campaign partners — inspired other groups and individuals to adopt creative ways to raise funds for JCCCNC’s Northern Japan Earthquake Relief Fund.

It impressed upon me that your donations not only added to the resources needed to help the people of Japan, but also spurred others to give.

We have received thousands of donations and commend communities coming together with their own fundraising efforts. Professional, community and student organizations hosting their own fundraising efforts, a 15-year old student organizing her own concert, T-shirt sales, restaurants donating a percentage of their profits, elementary school students dipping into their piggy banks and donating pounds of coins, and pre-schoolers and their families organizing a garage sale.

This campaign has opened my eyes in so many ways that I never imagined. And we couldn’t have done it without you and our campaign partners.

Please share our message with others who are still looking for a way to give and encourage them to donate.  Give one last time and ask others to do the same. A small donation multiplied by hundreds of donors will help us meet our new $325,000 goal.

Visit for a detailed update from JCCCNC on how your donations have been used, a revised list of our campaign partners and other information. Donate before April 30 to ensure your donation qualifies for our match.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much for helping us make a difference.

Lynda Won-Chung

Senior Counsel, Minami Tamaki LLP

and Founder/President, IOYS


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