Update on Northern Japan Earthquake Relief Fund


SAN FRANCISCO — The following update was posted April 4 by Paul Osaki, executive director of the Japanese Cultural and Community Center of Northern California.

Your contributions, thoughts and prayers are being heard and felt in Japan. Your heartfelt donations are making a difference every day as the people of the Tohoku region struggle to recover from their loss and the devastation of the March 11 earthquake and tsunami.

The Japanese Cultural and Community Center of Northern California (JCCCNC) is overwhelmed by the outpour of love and support from all over the world. As of March 28, donations total $1,027,987 from close to 6,000 donors. Our donations have come from schools, children selling their toys, garage and bake sales, ordinary citizens who have opened their hearts, and over 50 businesses, restaurants and organizations that have organized events, many of which are still to take place.

Your donations have helped:

• Send volunteers to deliver food, water, batteries, and flashlights to the Tohoku region of Japan.

• Establish and sustain two relief shelters and three child-care centers in Sendai City and Matsushima Azuma in Miyagi Prefecture.

• Support the resettlement of more than 20,000 homeless evacuees from the Tohoku region to temporary housing in Kobe.

• Establish and provide food, water, clothing, and supplies to additional shelters and child-care facilities in Morioka, the capital city of Iwate Prefecture.

• Send volunteers and supplies through the Japan YMCA to Sendai City, where they are addressing the needs of more than 500 residents who lost their homes and were evacuated due to the threat of nuclear radiation.

• Establish a mental health clinic and post-traumatic stress program in cooperation with the Kobe YMCA.

• Send support and supplies to the makeshift shelters and damaged homes in the smaller coastal towns of the Tohoku region.

In the next few weeks, we will be focusing our financial support efforts on the stabilization of the temporary shelters and temporary housing being created for the victims; the mental health needs of the elderly, children and challenged individuals; and trying to prevent the death toll from rising due to the stress, hygiene and health conditions caused by the disaster, freezing weather conditions, aftershocks, and the threat of radiation exposure.

Thank you so much for your support. Please continue to “Spread the Word, Share the Love!”

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