‘New Day’ Exhibit to Raise Funds in One Night


"Vision" by Aleve Mei Loh, 22" x 28", mica and acrylic on paper. (PRNewsFoto/Bellrock Media Inc.)

SANTA MONICA (PRNewswire) — While attending an award ceremony last month in New York for her aunt, Nobel Prize winner Elizabeth Blackburn, Bellrock Media Inc./Yoshimoto Entertainment USA Inc.’s Artist-in-Residence Aleve Mei Loh was inspired to create a fundraising event in Los Angeles with visual artists to benefit Japan earthquake and tsunami relief.

“I was in a room with these incredible people, and it made me wonder what could I do, as an artist, to make a difference,” comments Loh. She started reaching out to artists, and the number quickly grew from three to over 30 artists in a matter of days.

“This exhibition is ultimately a portrait of the impulse in art to find meaning and renewal in loss,” remarks curator Henry Lien of Glass Garage Gallery.

L.A.-based artists, as well as New York contemporaries, will be exhibiting with 100 percent of the proceeds to benefit the American Red Cross Japan Earthquake Pacific Tsunami Fund to aid Japan’s relief effort.

Loh, a Chinese-Australian artist, was selected as Bellrock Media’s artist-in-residence in 2010. She is most known for her “crushed” canvas works reminiscent of John Chamberlain and Frank Gehry. Her work plays heavily into the theme of evolution, an idea that she continues to explore.

“A New Day,” a one-night-only exhibit, will take place on Friday, May 6, from 6:30 to 11 p.m. at Bellrock Media, 2917 Santa Monica Blvd., Santa Monica. Admission is free. Approximate prices of artwork range from $100 to $1,000.

Participating artists include:

Lillian Abel

Kristin Anderson

Marcy Brafman

Stephen Calvert

YaYa Chou

Mike Cormier

Ariel Erestigncol

Joe Forte

Carla Gannis

Jerelyn Hanrahan

Aska Irie

Ichiro Irie

Alexander Kroll

Christopher Lee

Lisa Levy

Bill Massey

Aleve Mei Loh

Jon Measures

Lindsey Nobel

Jed Ochmanek

Janet Olenik

Josh Peters

Mark Power

Jeffrey Allen Price

Maddy Rosenberg

Trinidad Ruiz

Carol Salmanson

Julia Schwartz

Donna Silverman

Mary Ann Strandell

Thaddeus Strode

Dani Tull

For more information, email [email protected].

Bellrock Media Inc. was formed in 2005 to produce mobile and digital content and leverage Yoshimoto Kogyo Group’s network of resources in Japan. From this platform Yoshimoto Entertainment USA Inc. was formed to create, produce and direct international content in television, film, music, sports and fine art as well as representing consumer products internationally. For more information, visit www.Bellrockmedia.com.


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