‘Help Iwate’ Concert in Santa Clarita


SANTA CLARITA — The Help Iwate, Japan Charity Concert will be held Saturday, June 18, at 7 p.m. at Santa Clarita United Methodist Church, 26640 Bouquet Canyon Rd., Santa Clarita.

“On March 11, 2011, northeastern Japan was struck by one of the worst earthquakes and tsunamis in its history,” organizers said. “The coastline of the northeast was devastated; tolls of dead and missing are expected to rise. We, the members of the Iwate Prefecture Association of Southern California, are showing our support for those affected in our home state through collecting donations and charitable events. All proceeds will be sent to Iwate Prefecture Disaster Relief Charity Committee of the Iwate prefectural government.

“Musicians from the affected regions as well as local artists will unite to show support, love, and humanity to the people of Japan. Please join us in solidarity with our effort.”

Taro Wayama (guitar), Robert Elgman (clarinet) and Thomas Foster (guitar) will perform works by Tansman, Bach, Tarrega, Elfman and Wayama, plus Japanese songs.

Suggested donation: $10. Contact: [email protected].


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