Meter Hours Extended in San Jose J-Town


SAN JOSE — Parking meter enforcement in San Jose Japantown has been extended from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m. as of July 1, according to Kathy Sakamoto, executive director of the Japantown Business Association.

Enforcement will commence after a two-week “warning period,” Sakamoto said.

Although the community was opposed to the change, Sakamoto said, “it’s now standardized across the city. They could no longer find reasons not to standardize with the budget in the state its in.”

The San Jose City Council made the decision last year. The rate will continue to be $1 per hour (coins only).

The temporary parking was created on 6th and Jackson streets to help the situation in Japantown,” Sakamoto said. “It’s the cheapest anywhere for paid parking. Fees there — $2/all day 8 a.m.-midnight, Sundays free.”

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