Producer Says He Doubts Allegations Against Peters



In testimony read into the record Monday in the trial of a sexual harassment lawsuit against Jon Peters, a co-producer of the 2006 film “Superman Returns” said he would have removed anyone on the set that he suspected of misconduct.

Gilbert Adler was unable to be present in court today, so his pretrial deposition testimony was presented to the Los Angeles Superior Court jury hearing the case brought by Shelly Morita, who was Peters’ personal assistant and traveled with him to Australia for a week during filming of “Superman Returns.”

Like Adler, Peters was one of the motion picture’s producers.

“Look, that’s a big offense to me,” Adler said regarding sexual harassment. “To me, if I’d fix it and fire the people.”

Adler also said he doubted inappropriate sexual behavior would have escaped his attention during the time both Morita and Peters were in Australia.

“I think I would be one of the first people knowing about it,” Adler testified. “I mean, I was on the set every day, so I pretty much kept my finger on the production.”

Adler said he saw Peters daily, but did not remember seeing Morita. “I don’t really deal with assistants,” he said.

Adler testified he never heard any complaints about Peters, but said the producer’s stature in Hollywood would not have meant anything to him if Peters had committed any wrongdoing.

“If I thought he had done something to hurt my picture, I would have gotten rid of him,” Adler said.

Morita, now 44, filed her suit against Peters and his company, J.P. Organization Inc., in December 2006 in Los Angeles Superior Court.

She maintains that Peters, now 66, groped her at his Malibu home during portions of the time she worked from him beginning in February 2005 and ending a year later when she quit. She also claims he crawled into bed with her in the two-bedroom suite of their Australia hotel and blew marijuana smoke in her face during the same trip.


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