Matsui Encourages Americans to Recognize National Day of Service and Remembrance


WASHINGTON — Rep. Doris Matsui (D-Sacramento), who serves as co-chair of the Congressional National Service Caucus, released the following statement Friday ahead of the 10th anniversary of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks:

Rep. Doris Matsui

“As we observe the 10th anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks, we remember all of those who lost their lives in the terrorist attacks, and offer our sympathy and prayers for their families and loved ones. We also remember the many heroes of that day — the brave men and women who risked life and limb to help those in need, many of whom are still feeling the health consequences today. Our first responders never cowered in their call to public service, and were joined by perfect strangers in their efforts.

“That sense of unity and service brought Americans from diverse backgrounds together in a common sense of purpose, and is a reminder that our diversity is what makes our country great. But we were also starkly reminded about the costs of hate, intolerance, and warfare through any means. As we commemorate this important anniversary, we must rekindle the sense of service and commitment to strengthening our nation we all shared in the aftermath of 9/11.

“Sunday also marks the third time that our nation honors 9/11 as a national day not just of remembrance, but also of service. Just as important as it is to remember all of those who suffered loss as a result of the attacks, it is equally as important to honor them by committing ourselves to improving our communities, and our country as a whole

“Volunteerism and service has been themes our country has built on for generations. Now, perhaps more than ever, we must give back in order to move forward. As we continue our efforts to eradicate extremism and protect American citizens and our allies across the globe, we must also reaffirm our commitment to each other as fellow citizens, banding together to better our communities and strengthen our nation.

“I encourage all who can to honor 9/11 by volunteering in their community, and by making our nation stronger — brick by brick, block by block.  Through those acts, we may in some small measure honor those who so tragically lost their lives on that clear September morning.”

For more information about volunteer opportunities, visit to find a volunteer event near you. You can help build support and awareness for this effort by visiting or and posting your charitable service plans for 9/11.


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