Rep. Honda on 9/11 Anniversary: Remember Captain Dahl


WASHINGTON — Rep. Mike Honda (D-San Jose) issued the following statement on Sept. 9.


Ten years ago, on Sept. 11, 2001, our country was shaken by one of the most tragic acts of violence in our nation’s history. Thousands were killed. Lives, families, communities, and our nation were changed forever.

Rep. Mike Honda

In the hours and months after the attacks, our nation came together to ease our collective pain and suffering. Individuals became communities. We were there for one another.

I recall visiting the Pentagon in the days following the attacks and being touched by the way firefighters and police, emergency medical workers, and our military worked side by side with volunteers who just wanted to help in some way to deal with the tragedy and helped those who had been injured or who had lost loved ones. It was this, and an enduring American resolve, that helped our country heal. This is something we must never forget.

Earlier this week, I had the honor of recognizing the heroic actions of Capt. Jason Dahl, one of the pilots on (United Airlines) Flight 93 who did everything in his power to ensure that the plane did not hit its intended target in Washington, D.C.  The commemoration of his sacrifice took place at Capt. Jason M. Dahl Elementary School in my district in San Jose, Calif., and I am proud that our community has acted to ensure that the sacrifices made that day are not forgotten.

As an American citizen and a proud public servant, I call on all Americans to commemorate not only the lives lost, but also the sacrifice and resolve our nation showed in one of its darkest hours, and to strive to regain that sense of unity in the face of the many challenges we face as a nation.


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