CROSSROADS TO SOMEWHERE: The Making of a Murderer


(First published in
The Rafu Shimpo on Oct. 26, 2011.)


My life long search for the crossroads to somewhere looms somewhere on the near horizon, but ETD and ETA are unknown so why worry? For the first time being late has appeal.

The latest CR2S sojourn has been a doozy! I went from blacking out to ambulance to ER to ICU. After the most excruciating gastro-invasion imaginable, a repeat was necessary because a second bleeding duodenal had been found! After six units of blood, now they’re worried about my heart and hemoglobin. I’m concerned for my sanity.

If you should spot a little ole Japanese man wandering around in a hospital gown, show some humanity and give me a shout out: “Hey, Man. How you feeling?” You’ll be responsible for making me a murderer, but your compassion will be appreciated.


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